Twitter Me This....

Twitter has become an integral part of the way we network, providing an instant method of communication with our followers; be these friends or business connections.

But how careful are we in what we tweet and does the immediacy of the activity encourage us to post quickly without thinking about the consequences. 

Take for instance a young lady reflecting on the politics of the day, an extreme example but a lesson to even the most media savvy among us.

Within 12 hours it had received 7000 retweets, made international news and spawned a whole host of barraco barner twitter accounts. Had she simply read the message before tweeting it, she would have noticed that her phones predictive text had changed the content (or so she claims).

We all want to get our news out quickly, but the simple act of reading through our messages and spell checking it before hitting the “Tweet” button could save a lot more than red faces.

However, it is not just the content of our tweets we need to consider but also the topics. Do you really want someone in the office tweeting about last night’s football match, or challenging the MD of one of your clients to take an ice bath? Imagine the damage that could be done to the company’s reputation or customer relations if a client is offended.

A well-crafted campaign developed by an experienced social media agency will help you to avoid the pit falls and reap the rewards of successful Social Media campaign. 

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