Platform Provides Mental Health Support in British Sign Language (BSL)

BSL Healthy Minds is a psychological therapy service provided by Sign Health, a charity dedicated to making sure Deaf people in the UK get the same level of access to health services as hearing people.

Deaf people are twice as likely to experience mental health problems such as depression and anxiety compared to hearing people while communication barriers then make it harder for Deaf people to access the right support.

BSL Healthy Minds helps to break down those barriers by delivering it support in British Sign Language (BSL) cutting out the need for an interpreter.

The solution includes:

Public Website, providings information on the service and login facilities to access support, includes our Content Management Solution enabling Sign Health to fully manage the site content.

A HTTPS Secure Platform to Deliver the Support which includes the Video Conferencing Solution, Calendar & Appointments Administration and Resource Library.

If you would like further information about the solution, please drop me an email at and I will be happy to forward a data sheet.

Deaf Therapy Online


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