iPad Security App for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical industry is well known for its security requirements that cover most aspects of the sector. It is after all a highly competitive, multi-billion pound industry with products that are based on many years investment in research.

What most people don’t appreciate is the code of practice that the sector operates to ensure that companies work to the highest standards, not just for the research and manufacture but also the promotion of prescription medication.

The Prescription Medicines Code covers the promotion of prescription-only medicines to health professionals and other staff, and communication with the general public. When any breach is ruled to have taken place the company involved must immediately recall and destroy the marketing materials, providing documented evidence of literature recall.

Conigi Ltd, have been working with the Pharmaceutical sector for over 14 years, providing CRM  and data analysis solutions that enable companies to work with medical staff around the world. Conigi required a mobile solution that not only met their clients PMC obligations but that also enhanced their business operations.

The team at Digital Spotlight, using their many years of experience in Apple iOS project development, created a bespoke solution (Pathfinder CLM) to meet the requirements of Conigi’s client base.

Pathfinder CLM (Customer Literature Management) combines Cloud Technology with an Apple iPad iOS application, providing clients with a brand new marketing tool that provides an unprecedented level client engagement and feedback.

Pathfinder CLM enables the Pharmaceutical industry to produce digital marketing brochure’s, with interactive functionality, for their sales reps to use at sales meetings, in a secure environment.
Pathfinder CLM also:

  • Utilises the iPads Calendar functionality to manage the client appointments.
  • Encrypts the digital marketing brochure. 
  • Collects feedback data from within the digital marketing brochure.
  • Collects audit data on the viewing of each page within the digital marketing brochure.
  • Synchronise with Conigi’s secure cloud solution, uploading feedback, and audit data, while ensuring that the digital marketing brochure is the latest version.  

Although Pathfinder CLM has been developed for specifically for the Pharmaceutical industry, the functionality within this iOS application can be used within any market sector. With the introduction of GDPR compliance in 2018 this type of data security application may well fulfil your requirements.


Client: Conigi Ltd


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