Are you ready for Google's New Mobile Friendly Ranking Requirement

There is a whole industry based around telling us how to get the top rankings in Google. Whilst most of the information is accurate, we never fully know what Google are looking for because that's the way Google like it.

However Google are being very open about major changes coming to how they rank sites and their requirement for them to be "Mobile Friendly". They have also confirmed that the changes will come into force and start to be reflected in your rankings, from 21st April 2015.

Mobile Friendly Test resultThis is where many web developers are tripping up. They have been telling clients that their websites are Mobile Friendly when they are not. All they have done is add a line of code that displays a zoomed out version of the website when it is viewed on mobile devices. These sites are unusable without lots of zooming in and scrolling. It offers a poor return on your investment when potential client’s visit your website on a mobile device and it is so zoomed out they can't read the content. Do they stay? or move onto a website that is actually useable on their device? Google rightly deems them as Not Mobile Friendly and this will now directly impact on the ranking position in search results.


So what are Google Looking for?

They are looking for "Responsive Websites" that give users the optimal browsing experience across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Phones. Responsive Websites adapt both the menu system and display to make the site quick and easy to use across platforms. 

If you are not sure whether your website is Mobile Friendly, Google have published a quick and easy to use tool


This is the result you want to achieve:

Mobile Friendly Test result


Many in the industry think the fact that Google has been so open about these changes proves just how important they deem Mobile Friendly Responsive Websites.

So check your website and remember you only have until 21st April before your rankings could be affected if your website is not "Mobile Friendly.


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