EU Cookie Consent Requirements

Google has been reminding everyone that they need to ensure their websites and mobile apps are compliant with the EU's ePrivacy Directive by 30th September.

While cookie notices and policies are nothing new they now need to be added if you are using Googles Adwords, Adsense and Analytics on your website and mobile apps.

However don't panic its simple enough to comply, you just need a message to pop up on your website when it is visited and it only needs to appear once so it doesn't get in the way of your sites usability (the irony is this is achieved with a cookie!).

The message should include a link to your Privacy Page, a confirmation button that it has been understood and the ability to close the message. The EU kindly decided that simply closing the message agrees to it and you don't need to have to option to disable the cookies.

We have automatically implemented it on clients sites so they don't need to worry, however you if you would like further information please have a read of the following sites.

The Register

Googles Cookie Choices

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