Booking Systems

As the way we communicate changes people are moving away from telephoning or emailing booking requests and expect to be able to quickly and easily book online. Instantly receiving confirmation of their reservation.

There are some general online booking facilities that can be utilised for a fee, however these tend to offer generalised basic booking facilities that work for a one off event. What happens if your events are more complex than a one off workshop and requires more management functionality?

Our bespoke cloud based solutions offer secure booking and management functionality tailored to meet your individual requirements. Including:

  • Quick and Easy Booking
  • Online Payment
  • Full Booking Management
  • Multiple Time Slot/Location Functionality
  • Daily Booking Reports for Check In.
  • Management Reports

One of the UK's largest garden centre chains, British Garden Centres, have been using a Digital Spotlight bespoke booking system for their Santa's Grotto for the last 2 years and are just about to launch booking for their 2017 season Santa's Grotto. The solution enables them to easily manage a number of Grotto locations, each with multiple santa's.

Its daily reports are used to efficiently run the grotto each day, helping to ensure a quality customer experience. The Management Reporting functionality enables the management team to monitor the Grotto operations and finances at all times.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you improve your booking system please give us a call.
After all, we make sure Santa never misses an appointment…… 

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